Cibola County DWI Planning Council



We are pleased to announce, our next LDWIPC meeting.
Hosted by  (SAPC).
Sidney Cars 
4th of July Parade
Other Summer events 
Future Foundations Family Center
Wednesday 05-30-2018 1000 AM
To meet requirements of Department of Finance and Administration (DFA), Local Government Division (LGD) regarding Grant and Distribution.

We are excited to see anyone in the community, and business environment, please come and take part. We look forward to seeing you there!

Current Planning Council Members 

Dr. Mickey Best, Chairman (Tie Breaker) 

New Mexico State University Grants (NMSUG)

Lori Vigil, Co-Chair (VM) 
Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (SAPC)

Pat Salazar (VM)
Milan Police Department

Steve Shutiva (Proxy)
Joseph Galindo (VM)
Grants Police Department

Tony Mace (VM)
Mike Monk (Proxy)

Milan Municipal Court

Elise Larsen (VM)
City of Grants Municipal Court

Willie Jaramillo (VM) (Pending) 
Carrol Jarrell (Proxy)
Village of Milan Municipal Court

Pedro Rael (VM)
Leonard Justice (Proxy)
Tasia Martinez Proxy)

Cibola County Thirteenth Judicial District Court

Dan Dougherty (VM)
Cibola County Thirteenth Judicial District Attorney's Office

Dustin Middleton (VM)
Harry Hall (Proxy)
Cibola County Emergency Management

Christina Martinez (VM)
Laguna Behavioral Health Services

DR. Renee Wilkins (VM)
Winds of Change (MHP)

Sonia Wright (VM)
Valle Del Sol of New Mexico (MHP)

Currently seeking
Member of Public

Thomas McGaghie (NVM)

Robert Armijo (NVM)
Kathy Gallegos (NVM)
Cibola County Elected Officials

Michael Dodds (NVM)
Dawn Cook (NVM)
Krystle Salcido (NVM)
Cibola County DWI Program