Misdemeanor Compliance Officer (MCO)

Description :

The Cibola County DWI Program is seeking qualified applicants for Misdemeanor Compliance Officer (MCO), to work in a fast paced and professional environment, experience is preferred but not required. The DWI Program is in need of a person who has good work ethic, and is a self-starter. This Position also involves working with the public, law enforcement, and the judicial system. If you are in need of a highly rewarding career, with great benefits and opportunities for success in the criminal justice field, then please apply. The following are minimum requirements for selection:

  1.    High school diploma or GED that is equivalent to the standards of the NM Public

         of Education Department and recognized by said department as an accredited

         diploma or GED.

  2.    Must be at least 21 years of age.

  3.    Must be bondable.

  4.    Basic knowledge of computer software packages.

  5.    Must possess a valid New Mexico Driver’s license.

  6.    May not have any DWI or DUI charges within the last three years.

  7.    Must be able to communicate orally, and in writing, in English. 

  8.    Must be able to pass a mandatory drug screen and physical exam.

  9.    Must pass a criminal history check.

10.    Must have the ability to perform the essential duties as listed in position description.

11.    Must have the ability to work in the work conditions listed in position description.

12.    Must have the ability to work with equipment/tools/materials listed in position description. 


Contact :

For an application, please visit cibolacountynm.com, or pick one up at the Cibola County Manager’s Office, located at 700 E. Roosevelt Grants NM 87020. Open until filled. 

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled