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On Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 5:00 P.M., in a regular meeting at the Cibola County Commission Chambers, 700 East Roosevelt Ave., Suite 50, Grants, New Mexico, the Board of County Commissioners of Cibola County will conduct a public hearing for the purpose of adopting an Ordinance Providing for the Establishment of a System of Local Business Registration; Prohibiting Operating an Unregistered Business; and, Providing Penalties for Violation In the Unincorporated Areas of Cibola County

# 2019-002. The Board of Commissioners may vote to approve the Ordinance during the meeting directly following the public hearing.  The intent of this Ordinance is to require registration of businesses in the County.

Copies of the proposed Ordinance are available for the public to view free of charge at the Cibola County Clerk’s Office or the County Manager’s Office. Copies of the proposed Ordinance may be purchased by the public for $2.00 (two-sided page) or $4.00 (one-sided page).