San Rafael Fire District #9

San Rafael Fire District #9
Chief Clarence Marez
Clarence Marez Chief 901
San Rafael Fire Department

Clarence Marez is a 6-year veteran with the fire service. He started in 1988 with the Grants Fire and Rescue for 4 years then went to be a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in 1991. Most of his career was in law enforcement, working for Milan Police Department as Animal Control Officer/ Code Enforcement Officer followed by Cibola County Sheriff’s Department as Court Security Supervisor/Evidence Custodian. He then was promoted to Deputy Sheriff. Mr. Marez worked for Laguna Police Department as a Patrol Officer. He joined the San Rafael Volunteer Fire Department in August 2014 as a Volunteer Firefighter and in January 2015 was nominated and voted in as Fire Chief. Knowing it was an important and busy position, he accepted the position. He vowed to do the best he could to help the department and department members with training, equipment and anything else that was needed to help with the protection of the San Rafael Volunteer Fire District Community and surrounding communities in Cibola County when called upon for assistance from the other departments. Clarence Marez has been the Chief for the San Rafael District for 2 years since he has been chief the department has gained more training, and within the last 4 months has added a 2016 Freightliner 2000-gal tanker (with the help of the past chiefs saving budget carry-over monies from the budget and starting process) a 2016 Dodge 3500 4x4 crew cab with 12,500-lb winch that is now equipped with a 300-gal slide in unit.  The 300-gal slide in unit was donated in 2006 and was not being utilized. The 2016 dodge was purchased thru a Fire Marshal Grant that Chief and Assistant Chief Lawrence Chavez put in for and recently a 2007 Chevy Tahoe that was transferred from the Sheriff’s Department to the County Fire Marshal’s Office, then transferred to the San Rafael Volunteer Fire District where it will be used as command vehicle.  

San Rafael Department Mission:
We as the San Rafael Volunteer Fire District have the community as our first priority and will do our best to protect it whether it be medical, fire or any other situation that may arise. Rest assured that we, the San Rafael Fire District will be there for our community and surrounding communities in our County when needed. 

San Rafael Volunteer Fire District 9
EST. 1954

In the early 1950’s a man by the name of Eliesar V. Arvizu took interest in the small community of San Rafael, NM at that time Mr. Arvizu was a school teacher in the community, soon after he became principal for the Elementary School. Mr. Arvizu researched and acquired funding to help start what is now the Fire District of San Rafael.
The San Rafael Fire Station started out with a small shed and no apparatus. With the funding gained by Mr. Arvizu, two men by the names of Nabor O. Mirabal and Mr. Justo Murrietta took a trip to San Francisco and purchased the first engine, a 1954 1-ton Ford which the two men drove back passing over the Golden Gate Bridge. Mr. Mirabal soon became the Fire Chief.  The men worked diligently to establish a good working department in which they succeeded. Mr Arvizu later went on to become a Superintendent of Schools for what was then Valencia County.
Today our department has been moving forward with the help of the community and all members of the Department, without them there would be nothing. We would like to say Thank You to all members past and present for making this department what it is today.
Today we have one engine (E1) which holds approximately 1250-gallons of water with a 750 GPM pump, two water tenders-(tankers) T-26 and T-27. T-26 is a 1984 Ford and holds 1500-gallons, T-27 is a 2016 equipped with pump and roll holding 2000 gallons of water for suppression. Other apparatus vehicles are a Van U-26 a 15 passenger vehicle for transport to trainings, a 2016 Dodge 4x4 pickup unit U-27 with a slide in unit which holds 300 gallons also the department has one SUV unit C-26 which is our Command unit.

Chiefs from the Past and Present:
Chief Nabor O. Mirabal (1st Gen. Chief)
Chief Carlos Chavez Sr. (1st Gen. Chief)
Chief Trinidad Jaramillo
Chief Carlos Chavez Jr. (2nd Gen. Chief)
Chief Edwin Mirabal Sr. (2nd Gen. Chief)
Chief Frank Barela (1st Gen. Chief)
Chief Tommy Barela (2nd Gen. Chief)
Chief Eric Rael
Chief Josh Hughes
Chief Michael Candelaria
Chief Nabor Mirabal (3rd Gen. Chief)
Chief Clarence Mrez

Our number one priority is Life Safety
In the early days of the San Rafael Volunteer Fire District all records were kept in Spanish. It’s a shame all records prior to 2015  have been lost; the current chief has been working diligently at keeping our department up and running which is not easy task so much has changed for the early days.
For the record the very first Fire Truck is still up and running used only for Parades and community events.

Currently our department is classified with a rating of an ISO Class 9. Chief Marez, and the current fire personnel have been working closely with the State Fire Marshal to have an ISO inspection and possibly drop our rating to an 8 or lower which will help the community pay less for home insurance.

Remember Safety First

May God Bless you and keep you safe always.

A special thank you to Mr. Edwin Mirabal Sr. who helped contribute information about the San Rafael Volunteer Fire District.
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Meetings are held every Wednesday at 7 pm
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