Assessor's Office

Assessor's Office

Mission Statement
In general, the office of the Cibola County Assessor is statutorily and independently responsible for valuing all real property, manufactured homes, business personal property, and livestock. Additionally the office is responsible for the generation of a fair and equitable tax schedule to be used by other entities to levy and collect a tax based on the value of property on that tax roll. The tax roll must be in compliance with the Property Tax Code, its rules and regulations and also the professional standards of the International Association of Assessing Officers.
The County Assessor also has a duty to ensure that all taxable properties that are valued by the State Assessed Bureau of the Taxation and Revenue Department such as railroads, utilities, and mineral properties are also comprehensively, fairly and equitably included in the tax roll yearly to ensure the lowest possible tax rate for all property taxpayers.


Notice of Values have been mailed out; if you have not already received yours please keep an eye out. 
Notice of Values were mailed out April 1, 2021.  You will have 30 days to protest any discrepancies.  No protests will be accepted after April 30, 2021.  Under “Public Documents” on the left-hand side of this page, you will find the Protest Form and Information Pamphlet.   If you need further assistance with this process, please let us know.  
We are continuing to practice social distancing as your health and safety are our priority.  While we still welcome you to conduct in office business, we strongly encourage utilizing other options such as email, fax, and USPS.  
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time! 
Please contact my office at 505-285-2566 if you should have any questions.
Dolores Vallejos
Cibola County Assessor


Dolores Vallejos
Cibola County Assessor


PH: (505)285-2526






Jenna Rodriguez
Chief Deputy Assessor
PH: (505) 285-2569
Fax: (505) 285-2561








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