Description :

Job Summary

This position is under the direction of the job supervisor or County Road Superintendent.  The position of Laborer is temporary and is responsible for the provision of skilled and unskilled manual and non-manual labor including but not limited to digging ditches, patching streets, building and ground maintenance, and the overall completion of the Road Departments projects.   The employee is familiar with the work routine and uses initiative in carrying out recurring assignments independently with specific instruction.  The employee is expected to recognize instances that are out of the ordinary and which do not fall within existing instructions; the employee is then expected to seek advice and further instructions.  Reviews and check of the employee’s work are applied to an extend sufficient to keep the supervisor aware of progress and to ensure that completed work and methods used are technically accurate and that instructions are being followed. 


Work Environment

The nature of duties may involve the continuous presence of unpleasant or irritation elements, such as considerable noise, odors, chemical fumes, traffic, dust, smoke, heat, cold, oil, dirt, or grease.  Work is continually performed outdoors, regardless of weather conditions.  At times you may be required to work past regularly scheduled hours and/or weekends. 


Job Responsibilities

Drivers a truck to desired areas. 
Check’s equipment daily, before use.  (Oils, water, etc.)    
Must be a self-starter and be able to perform all duties with minimal supervision.
May be required to work overtime, irregular hours, attend job-related meetings, and perform all other duties as assigned.  
Consults with supervisors and makes effective recommendations on approved matters and carries out directions. 
Must be able to work with the following tools, equipment, and materials:  half ton pickup truck, jackhammer, tamper, air compressor, shovels, chain saw, sledgehammer, picks, mower,  etc.


Minimum Qualifications

High School Diploma or GED that is equivalent of the standards of the NM Public Education Department and is recognized by said department as an accredited diploma or GED.

Valid New Mexico Driver’s license.

Ability to work within the safety policy of Cibola County.

Ability to work outdoors exposed to all-natural weather conditions.  

May not have any DWI or DUI within the last five years.

Pass a pre-employment drug test, physical, and background investigation.

Able to organize and prioritize work; use of time efficiently.

Must reside within reasonable commuting distance of the worksite.

Contact :

Interested individuals may obtain an application online at or Cibola County Managers Office during regular working hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.; Monday through Friday) at 700 E. Roosevelt Ave., Ste 50, Grants, New Mexico.  Positions will remain open until filled. 

                                                        Cibola County is an equal opportunity employer.

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled